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Education at SAE LAO

Education is at the heart of SAE LAO and is what we do best. Our English classes have been the most important part of the project for community and volunteers since the project opened. 

The SAE LAO community centre currently provides the facilities for English lessons, IT classes, a library, adult skills trainings and presentations on sustainability.


One of the main objectives of the SAE LAO Project is to give the local community the opportunity to learn English for free. We currently hold English classes five nights per week. We've had over 300 students register in September 2016 !


Students are taught by volunteers who are either native English speakers or speak English as a second language.  We also encourage everyone coming to the project to participate in teaching the English classes and to speak English with the staff to help them improve and gain confidence. 


We have also host a less formal, adult conversational English class in Nasom village every Sunday which encourages more people to take part.    


We support local children and young people to stay in education. We also offer individuals a chance to gain work experience and improve their English by working at the SAE LAO Project, while receiving a fair wage.


Please visit our Scholarship Programme page to learn more about the current Sae Lao graduates we sponsor through University. We want to give them a chance at higher education that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Perhaps you can help us give the gift of education?

SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao
SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao
SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao


Find out more about education at SAE LAO in our film "From A to Z".


With big thanks to Loic Surprenant for her hard work and the amazing series of films.


Find more videos here.

SAE LAO Project education

SAE LAO is proud to be partnered with YCAB Jakarta, who has provided the project with $5000 of funding for our education programmes.

YCAB Foundation is a non profit social foundation whose single goal is to help the youth to be independent through education. To date, YCAB has impacted 2.9 million youth and strive to reach 5 million by 2020.

If you would like to find out more about the work that they do, please visit their website.









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The SAE LAO Project is located in the quiet Nathong Village, 7km outside of Vang Vieng in Lao PDR,

near the tourist attractions of Poukham Cave and the Blue Lagoon 1.

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