Would you like to do more than just travel Laos? Would you like to see a more local and different side? Have you always wanted to (try out) teaching? Are you looking for a sign to volunteer? This is it!


Join our community of amazing volunteers that help out the local Laos people of the Nathong Village. Read more about volunteering below.

We offer three types of Volunteering:

  1. Short term volunteering
  2. Long term volunteering
  3. Coordinator Roles

General volunteering information

We ask that you stay a minimum two weeks and contribute at least 5 hours work each mid-week day, although this depends on the season and the number of volunteers on site. If there is a lot of work to do, most volunteers are willing to do a little more. We are part of a community and all of us contribute to the daily upkeep of the site.


All volunteers teach: this is the main afternoon activity. Let us know if you do not wish to teach, as we rely on volunteers we have plenty of other volunteering activities to do :-)


The rest of the time is free for you to explore the nearby villages and stunning natural surroundings or just to relax in our beautiful project space, reading a book, watching a movie, call with your family and friends, and so on.




Things you could be involved with:

  • Helping with sustainable and traditional building;
  • Weeding, planting, watering and harvesting our veggie garden
  • Working in the rice fields during the planting and harvest seasons
  • Designing and building furniture for the dorm and community center
  • Designing decoration for our community center or restaurant
  • Helping with administration
  • Marketing and social media
  • Or involve yourself with your own project idea!
  • Project upkeep; as part of a community we all partake in morning chores
  • ...?


Short-term volunteering

Between 2 weeks and 2 months


You will take part in our core missions: teaching English to Lao kids and young adults. we will provide you the materials and a training.


If you would like to experience what it is like to be a volunteer and experience teaching English to the local people, sign up for short-term volunteering! Besides that, it looks really good on your resume/CV!

Long-term volunteering

Between 2 and 6 months


You will take part in our core missions: teaching English to Lao kids and young adults. we will provide you the materials and a training.


Really getting into it?! Most of our long-term volunteers became that after staying initially for a shorter period. To teach is just that rewarding :-)


Coordinators take over a specific coordination role depending on their talents and interests: coordination of the association, coordination of an Project site, coordination of the Project volunteers, coordination of the Education Programs, coordination of the Health Programs, coordination of the Environmental Programs and on-site Projects, accounting of Association... and strongly contribute to the functioning, stability, continuity and identity of the association


Are you looking for an internship? Being a coordinator could be the perfect fit!




We require coordinators to stay at least 6 months. This way you can make the best of your skills her at the project.


We are open for any questions and adjustments for being a coordinator. Please contact us on our contact page.

On-going projects

Some projects you will contribute to during your stay are ongoing, so while you may not see something fully completed, we hope that you will be able to see how valuable your contribution has been. We ask that you are careful not to do any tasks that your travel insurance does not cover.


Please note that many activities and projects are weather/ season depending. If you contact us about volunteering we can give you more information on activities that will be undertaken at the time you are with us and also see where your personal interests and skills may be most beneficial. There may not always be English classes or traditional handicrafts, such as bamboo weaving, for example.


See the below calendar as a rough guide to what we do over the year!


    01         02         03         04         05          06    


    08         09     10 11 12
 Construction     Your project?         Construction

Farming (Rice)

    Farming (Rice)        

Organic Gardening

* Please note that this calendar is indicative and to be used as a guide only. Activities vary according to the weather conditions that year and projects being undertaken.

Find more information on our conditions page and get some impressions about SAE LAO and volunteer life in our gallery