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Our Scholarship Program

There are many bright, eager students, who often travel far after school to attend the classes. Rain or shine, we always have some enthusiastic and committed students. Some of these young adults would love to continue studying after high school, but many cannot afford the University fees, cost of living or the cost of applying for University.


Since 2015, our scholarship program has successfully supported nine students thus far through their first and second year of university, covering the costs of tuition and living expenses. 


SAE LAO assists these students with all the support we can give. However, as a grass roots nonprofit, we have limited resources to maintain the program every year. In order to provide financial support for these students to make it through all of the costs of their higher education journeys, we need your help!


If you would like to assist in sponsoring these talented, dedicated children please donate. 

2016 accepted students of the scholarship programme:

My name is Vexai Lee. I am 18 years old and I live in Huai Nye Village. I like studying alone and helping my parents. My favourite subjects are pedagogy and English. I want to continue to improve my knowledge at university, because university is very important and it is an option of education for me.

My name is Mor Lee. I am 20 years old. I am from Nasom village and there are nine people in my family. I graduated high school in 2014, and I applied for National University of Laos and passed, but my family had no budget to support me. With Sae Lao's help I am now able to attend University.

My name is Alee Vang. I am 18 years old. I like music, football, language learning, and reading. I can read for days. I studied at SAE LAO for four years and I feel that I progressed my English there. I am going to continue to learn at university but this is not possible for me without the contribution from SAE LAO.

My name is Thai Lee. I am 19 years old. My parents had to move to Kasi District because my family is poor and as farmers their chances to make a living were better there than in Vang Vieng District, where I lived with my uncle now. I have seven younger brothers and on younger sister and I miss my family a lot. I study science and technology.

My name is Yajer Lor. I am 19 years old and I come from Nakhae Village. In my family there are ten people. I am the seventh child. My parents are both farmers.  I am continuing my education at university because education is very important for me.

2015 accepted students of the scholarship programme:

My name is Mai Danglamsion. I am 19 years old and I come from Nathong Village. I came to Vientiane in September 2015 to study Accounting at Xayphatthana Economic College. While I was in high school I spent three years studying English at SAE LAO. I hope to use my degree to help people in the public section and to help my family graduate from poverty.

My name is Yang Lue Yang. I am 22 years old and I come from Nathong Village. When I can, I like to play volleyball and draw. Thanks to SAE LAO, I have had the opportunity to study English for six years already. I hope to continue improving my English as I fulfill my IT degree at BCT College, just outside Vang Vieng Province.

My name is Pouna Syphengkhoun. I am 20 years old and I come from Thabok Village. I studied and worked at SAE LAO for one year. In September 2015, I started studying Business Administration and English at Rattana Business College, in Vientiane. I hope to use my degree to work in business management or international communications. I would also like to go back to SAE LAO after I graduate to work as a management and accounting coordinator!

My name is Mor Yang. I am 20 years old and I come from Nathong Village, where I spent six years learning English at SAE LAO. I have just begun classes at Lao American College this September, studying English Arts. During my free time, I am hoping to volunteer at a local primary school near Lao American College, and also find a part-time job to save money for my family.  Studying English, I plan to go into International                                                             Business.

Nothing is more powerful than the gift of education.

Please help us to support our students!