Our Soap Project

The soap project is one of SAE LAO’s latest initiatives. Working in participation with women in the villages of Nathong and Nasom, SAE LAO has set up a cooperative to make natural soaps.


The majority of women in these two villages do not have paid employment, so giving them training in soap making, accounting, marketing and small business management SAE LAO has assisted them to gain the tools they need to set up their own small business. The soap project is now successfully run  independently by the women.


Goals for the future include:

  • expanding our contacts to reach as far as Vientiane
  • to develop other natural products like dish soap
  • to set up at least two shops to sell the products in


Not only does the project generate incomes and build capacities for the two villages, the chemicals currently entering the natural water systems from use of soaps bought in the market will be greatly reduced. This will benefit the health of the communities and the environment.

SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao
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