SAE LAO Project donations

Thank You!

A huge THANK YOU to those who have already supported our students in the scholarship programme:

  • Elin Haettner: £10
  • Our friends from England Catheryn and Geoff: £100
  • Jerome Croizer: 50€
  • Bertrand Michal: 100€
  • Gaudard family: 120€
  • Leslie Michal: 30€
  • Pascal Faure: 50€
  • Anonymous: $1000
  • Anonymous: 50€
  • Liz and family: £150
  • Eddie: £50
  • Duncan and friends

And thank you to everyone who has eaten in our restaurant and to every volunteer who has spent time at SAE LAO Project!

Thanks for the donations from the following organisations and individuals:

  • $500 USD donation from Ryano toward branch or tree grinder to make mulch and compost
  • $500 AUD donation from Ryano toward the fish farm
  • 1100 Euros Fund raise by Alex “DJ LaoMout” toward interlocking mud-brick machine.
  • $100 USD. plus learning materials that worth nearly $100 USD donation from Cheng Wie Fong, Teacher from Malaysia
  • $100 USD. donation from Kerie Kimbrell, video editing manager, United State.
  • Thank you to Vytas,  from Lithuania, for giving us the basketball hoop and his friends for putting it up.
  • $500 AUD. donation from  St Paul the Apostle, Sydney, Australia for the water system at the primary school
  • 500 Euros donation from Eric Micheal for the chicken wire that allowed us build our chicken coop.
  • $300 USD donation from “Faby and Friends from Belgium” that was for new building materials.
  • Thanks to the generosity of Kuoni who donated paint and materials to paint the Nathong primary school and fix the washroom, SAE LAO Project are grateful for all the doors, windows and the community washroom at SAE LAO and the donations of toys, clothes, learning materials and 40 bicycles. Now the children can ride bikes to join the English class here and we have lots material to teach them.
  • Thank you to our dear friend Eric Michael for the 1000 Euros funding for our new kitchen.
  • Thank you to St Paul the Apostle, Sydney, Australia for the donation of $1000 AUD.
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