SAE LAO Project water projects

Our FUTURE Projects

Waste Management

Like common in South East Asia there is no working waste management implemented. On-site we already separate trash but we also want to make a general influence in the community, for example by teaching our students in English classes about waste management and how to implement it.

Own Products

We want to produce our own products in order to create employment for the local people and increase money flow for our future projects and running expenditures.

Two of this products could be natural soap and peanut butter.

Water Repurposing

Compared to other regions in Laos, Saelao Project is located in a water rich environment. Therefore we would like to benefit from this advantage. Collecting and filtering rainwater allows us to produce drinking and daily use water which reduces the usage of plastic containers. One additional idea is to recycle grey water.

SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao