SAE LAO Project natural buildings

Our Natural Buildings

Our community centre has been constructed using mud bricks made from mud on-site along with stones and reclaimed timber. We construct using traditional local methods.  All of our buildings have been constructed using locally sourced natural materials, such as recycled wood, bamboo, mud and rocks from the region.


Our latest is to be the most sustainable yet. Designed by our on-site architect in collaboration with our Lao staff, Our long term accommodation provides living space for people staying over 6 months, and is also an example of environmentally friendly, natural building for the local community. The hope being that the interest shown by the local community for this project will result in people undertaking our natural building and permaculture course.


We are currently designing a new dorm for short term volunteers using the same techniques as the long term accommodation. We hope to start building by the end of 2016. 

SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao