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Environment at SAE LAO

The aim of SAE LAO project is to model sustainable technologies and practices and to offer sustainable market alternatives in farming, building materials and energy sources.


Deforestation, uncontrolled development and tourism growth as well as increase in harmful wastes are slowly affecting the environment of Lao PDR. When Sengkeo Frichitthavong, the founder of SAE LAO, returned to Lao after 12 years in Canada, he was shocked at the changes that had occurred in his home town of Vang Vieng and to the surrounding forests. He decided that he wanted to set up an example of a different way to live.


The farm currently grows organic vegetables and peanuts.  Furthermore the project raises chickens and pigs and operates a biogas system to utilize human and animal waste for energy. Buildings are made of sustainable materials, primarily bamboo, timber and mud bricks.


We are permanently improving our system on site with the aim of creating a closed loop project.

SAE LAO Project Organic Restaurant
SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao


Find out more about environment at SAE LAO in our film "Full circle at SAE LAO".


With big thanks to Loic Surprenant for her hard work and the amazing series of films.


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The SAE LAO Project is located in the quiet Nathong Village, 7km outside of Vang Vieng in Lao PDR,

near the tourist attractions of Poukham Cave and the Blue Lagoon 1.

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