SAE LAO Project environment

Environment at SAE LAO

The aim of SAE LAO project is to implement sustainable technologies and practices and to offer sustainable market alternatives in farming and building materials.


Deforestation, uncontrolled development and tourism growth as well as increase in harmful wastes are slowly affecting the environment of Lao PDR. The team of Sae Lao wants to set up an example of a different way to live.


In detail that means for example, to create a working waste management. In our garden we grow our own fruits and vegetables for the restaurant. We get the missing products from the market and neighbouring villages. Buildings are made of sustainable materials, primarily bamboo, timber and mud bricks.


There are a lot of future projects in our minds and we are permanently improving our system on site with the aim of creating a closed circular economy.

SAE LAO Project Organic Restaurant
SAE LAO Project Volunteer Lao