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2020 & 2021 have not been easy years due to the global pandemic COVID-19.

We are pleased to tell you that dedicated volunteers on-site have continued the good work in spite of lockdowns, limited budget, travel restrictions and other difficulties. Strong spirit and over 10 years sustainable operations experience enabled us to continue through these unprecedented difficulties.


We’re now on the full operation with local communities again that Laos has opened-up traveling, sports, community activities, etc much the same as before.

We need volunteers more than ever to help us drive and maintain the project sites and missions.

We shall be very pleased to welcome you to our projects, working with both local and international volunteers, to teach English for free to local children and participating in local community life. It's a great way to learn about Lao and Asian culture and contribute your personal skills to making life better for less fortunate people.


The official name of our Project is the “Saelao project” which is well known internationally and nationally for over a decade!

The legal entity combining all of the above and registered with the Ministry is called “Mittaphap Education” (meaning "Friendship" in Lao language).

Thanks to all our teams involved, the people of Nathong and Phonngern Villages, Ministry of Education and Sport and Aedecol which have all been of great support.

We wish you all the best, safe travels, success in your studies and look forward to seeing you all here again in VangVieng very soon.

The SAE LAO Project is continually expanding.  Check out our news feed and facebook page, SAELAO Project, and Instagram, Saelaovolunteer for more information on our current projects.


Sections of text originally published by The Star Malaysia.

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