SAE LAO Project aims vision mission

Our Aims

In order to model these ideals, the SAE LAO project aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide free English classes for the community.
  • Create high-quality employment opportunities, including job training.
  • Model sustainable technologies and practices.
  • Create meaningful cultural exchange through a volunteer program.
  • Offer sustainable market alternatives such as a farm-to-table restaurant and sustainable building practices.
  • Involve locals in the project as leaders, employees, students, teachers, consumers, and idea-generators.

So far, SAE LAO has been successful in achieving a number of its goals. There are 5 full-time paid Lao staff members and part time staff members, consistent English classes, a fully operational restaurant, and a consistent vibrant volunteer community. In addition, the organic garden produces already some fruits, vegetables and herbs, that we use in the restaurant. Buildings are made of sustainable materials, primarily bamboo, timber and mud bricks.


Besides all of that, there remains much room for growth. We want to implement new community projects, expanding our adult education and skills training and slowly improving our systems on site with the aim of creating a closed circular economy. All waste is good waste.


Some of the upcoming projects include involving the local community in producing and selling natural and local products to boost their income and creating more energy efficient and environmentally water systems on site.


SAE LAO is looking to partner with international and national organizations to receive the funding, resources, and knowledge necessary to make improvements. These partnerships will aid SAE LAO in establishing sustainable non-profit commercial enterprises and making improvements to current facilities and programs.

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