SAE LAO Project about us

About Us

At SAE LAO people from around the world come together to discover and share experiences and knowledge with the Lao community to make a more sustainable way of life.


SAE LAO is a sustainable development project located in Nathong Village, near the city of Vang Vieng, Lao PDR. The project consists of a small organic farm, a community centre that provides daily English classes, and a volunteer project for international visitors. 

With our mission and vision, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the SAE LAO project is to provide a holistic model for sustainable development in order to manage natural resources in an efficient, effective, and equitable manner.

The program is based on two key ideas:


  • Sustainability is holistic and must include sustainable technologies, education, job training, opportunities, and community involvement.
  • The best methods for creating lasting change are to lead through example and improve the lives of community members through sustainable developments.

Our Vision

We want to be at the forefront of sustainable development in Lao.  The benefits of this approach will be promoted through practical economic, social and environmental projects in Nathong Village, Vang Vieng and SAE LAO Project will be an acknowledged leader in this way of working and living.



We have already been recognised for our work by becoming the Energy Globe Awards National winner for Lao PDR in 2015.

SAE LAO Project Volunteer Laos
Energy Globe Award Laos