iCare Group from Rotterdam University

SAE LAO would like to give a huge thank you to the iCare group from Rotterdam. Not only did the group of 15 students bring with them their enthusiasm, skills and knowledge but they also enabled us to make several projects a reality, including; the drinking water project, I.T. area (as well as supplying three new laptops for teaching), new bookshelves and activity day for the local children. They made so much happen at SAE LAO in two weeks, as well as bringing us educational materials and resources, we were sorry to see them go. So; Marijn, Maria, Bika, Jill, Orla, Carolina, Rosalie, Paul, Morganne, Moritz, Wielande, Bart, Mark, Loes and Stefan you will always find a warm welcome at SAE LAO.


Drinking water

With the assistance and funding of the iCare group we have installed gutters and water butts to collect rain water from our Community Centre roof. This is then filtered using Tulip Siphon filters and provides the project with fresh, safe drinking water. We have not bought bottled water since. So thank you again to the iCare team.